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THE BEST THING, restaurants can do for their guests

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Take out containers and take-out presentation, especially now.

2020-2021 has been weird to say the least and really proves if business owners are experts in adapting, specifically restaurant owners.

If they didn't focus on take-out and pick-up orders, they might have had to close down this year.

Reported by "" they said over 110,000 restaurants have closed in 2020 which is a huge hit to the industry.

When you are held captive with every health inspection "law" over night. You have to adapt over night as well.

I recently went to Park Center Lounge in Westminster, Co … An amazing karaoke bar 7 days a week in the heart of Colorado. I just went in for lunch and had an amazing "Dave's burger". As I couldn't finish it all I got it togo. What surprised me the most was when I left, put it on the floor and getting out when I arrived at my hotel I realized the ranch had tipped over in the take out box, but it DIDN'T SPILL OUT!!!! This made me think what an amazing experience I had here and how I would like to go back for karaoke just because of the amazing togo ware.

PS. the food and drink selection was top notch.

Highly recommend this mom and pop location… if anything definitely get something togo

- Austin


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