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Denver - Ace Eat Serve, Sunday Brunch | Guest Blogger Denv.her.

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

We ate at Ace Eat Serve for Sunday brunch and we got down on some Pan-Asian chow, cocktails & table tennis! Ace Eat Serve offers Sunday Brunch from 10am-2pm; they have a DJ spinning on the patio, specialty brunch drinks, Japanese Pancakes & more! Brunching so hard. Ace Eat Serve's Chef Thach Tran & culinary team developed a brunch menu that breaks from expected dishes and offers a unique Asian dining experience in Denver. Ace's staff was professional and caring during our meal and exuded camaraderie; you could tell the entire team really meshed well with one another. Owner Emily, server Lila & Scott made our brunch memorable and had excellent customer engagement skills. For Sippin', I had the Let's Get Ducked Up, Bloody Mary. The Let's Get Ducked up is made with kimchi bloody mary blend, Brennivín aquavit, oyster sauce, yuzu kosh, sriracha, crisp chili oil, lime juice, peking duck fat wash, togarashi salt rim. I added the addition of the shrimp wonton! This clever bloody Mary variation had heat and flavor from the kimchi., oyster sauce, and yuzu kosh, sriracha. The shrimp wonton was my favorite part of this unique Bloody Mary. For brunch, we had the Fried Sesame Balls, Taiyaki Chicken & Waffles, Japanese Pancake, and Moons Over Miyabi Sandwich. The Fried Sesame Balls are filled with sweet red bean paste or taro paste. The Sesame Balls were crispy on the outside and warm soft and chewy on the inside; a unique dish! The sesame ball with sweet red bean paste was our favorite out of the two. The Taiyaki Chicken & Waffles is made with Japanese fried chicken, Taiyaki waffle, and house-made spicy ranch.

The Taiyaki was a Japanese fish-shaped waffle that was sweet and had a nice dense but soft texture. The chicken was savory and crunchy and we filled the Taiyaki waffles with it, added syrup and then dipped it in the spicy ranch. Oooh that spicy ranch was unreal - more please! The Taiyaki Chicken & Waffles were my favorite! The Japanese Pancake is a tall pancake served with mango kaffir lime syrup and maple syrup. The pancake was sweet & densely fluffy with a beautiful vanilla taste. The mango syrup added fruity notes and maple syrup added caramel notes. The Moons Over Miyabi Sandwich is made with scrambled eggs, seared spam, napa cabbage, scallions, cheddar cheese, kewpie mayo, and crispy potatoes. The Kewpie mayo on this sandwich was amazing! It was rich with a hint of sweetness. The scrambled eggs were soft and fluffy, the cabbage tender, scallions delicate and spam salty with a slightly spicy, ham flavor. The Moons Over Miyabi Sandwich was Ross' favorite. How about a little table tennis with your brunch? We explored further into Ace's lively space and found an expansive ping pong hall, home to an array of Cornilleau ping pong tables!

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  • Address: 501 E 17th Ave, Denver, CO 80203

  • Health & safety: Staff get temperature checks · Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits · More details

  • Menu:

  • Phone: (303) 800-7705

  • Reservations:


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