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Who is at Fault? If You Work in the Hospitality Industry, Read This!

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Do you know your state laws?

We were consulting for a client in Montana and they didn't know the state laws. This is fairly common in the restaurant world.

Did you know in Montana, employers can not charge you for a mistake? Unless of course this is written in a contract that you sign. Also, did you know you don't have to sign anything if you don't want to. Keep that in mind when you are signing contracts with businesses.

The article states that :

"Whether or not employers can charge you for mistakes depends on where you live. The only federal rule is that deductions can’t reduce your pay below minimum wage. This rule applies regardless of what state you live in. But many states provide extra protection for employees who make mistakes.

Most states classify “mistakes” as 1) cash or cash register shortages, 2) acceptance of bad checks, or 3) lost, damaged, or broken equipment. The exact rules on what your employer can do if you make such a mistake vary by state, but one of the most common rules is that your employer needs your written consent to deduct from your pay."

And for example of Montana :

Can employers charge you for a mistake?

"No, employers cannot charge employees for mistakes, shortages, or damages."

Keep that in mind….


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