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- First, we would start with making a website with our 10 years of experience making website on We use Wix because it is by far the most user friendly and customer friendly. It has the most templates, api (apps), plugins, customer service, seo tools, etc. that we have ever used. 

- Second, we would make sure that we drive as much traffic to your site. Since you are on a little budget but we know the extreme importance of organic SEO, we have created a SEO dashboard that you can buy into just for $99/mo : PAY FOR SEO DASH HERE
: Learn about Meta Descriptions
: Learn where to find Keywords
: Learn what is not working on your site
: Learn what people are searching
: Learn where to get published
: Learn topics to write blogs about
: Learn alt tags, keywords, google, etc.

- Third, we will help you design and share your story. If interested we can send you a free content calendar every month so that you can post accordingly to the day of the month. 
: Email us at and request the content calendar every month.
: Instagram
: Facebook
: Twitter, TikTok, Email Campaigns, and Forums.

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