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Bar Plata


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107 S Higgins Ave, Missoula, MT 59802, USA

Weezle's Choice

When we went to Bar Plata we really enjoyed the Bee Sting Cocktail and the Chorizo Pressed Sandwhich. Here is the Menu

  • We talked with Ben the owner, he was super nice.

  • They serve baby eels in evoo which is extremely interesting, however the price was not to attempt just a curiousity of mine of what the heck is that even. ;)

  • Overall, Bar Plata was an extremely great experience, super small so get there early to get a seat, and convenient to the Wilma next door. Parking is a little difficult not trying to get stuck on the bridge going back into town you will want to park on Front street or around. Be carful with all the one ways. 

  • 6.7/10 Overall Experience


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Their phone number is : (406) 552-9719

Directions is : HERE

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