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Ranked Restaurants You Have to Visit in Missoula, Montana in 2024-2025

Best Restaurants In Missoula based off popular apps in 2024-2025

If someone asks us about what is the most "Nostalgic Places"

'Near Me Restaurants in Missoula, MT'

We say this...

  1. Stockmans Bar (For the late night smells)

  2. Lolo Creek Steakhouse for Steak (But for the museum of taxidermy) In town though if I want a tomahawk steak from 1889 or Plonk actually makes a mean Steak.

  3. Paul's Pancake Parlor (For the good service, but always forget it takes 45 minutes on average to get sat down... that being said, going next door and reading a book helps)

  4. Scotty's Table (For the patio seating of people watching at Cara's Park)

  5. The Depot (Because it just 'feels' like Missoula)

  6. Thomas Meagher (Mar Bar) for the party and sports vibes (Also Irish bars are always fun)

  7. Double Front Chicken (Because you have to)

  8. Boxcar Bistro (I know its newer, but it is the most affordable high end food you can get in Missoula... they never disappoint the people we refer over there)

  9. Oxford Saloon (If you are drunk and have a strong gut)

  10. Dinosaur Cafe (Because it is the only Missoula speakeasy style "I didn't even know they had food at Charlie B's" secret)

Alright, NOW BELOW is the best of the best (Based off POPULAR APPS)

I use these lists for every date night I have if any of them stand out and sounds good.

Disclaimer : We do not own the rights to any of this information and are not affiliated with any of this information below. We are not affiliated with these apps and are not affiliated with any of their lists. This information is for education purposes only.


  1. The Notorious P.I.G. BBQ - Known for its St. Louis-style barbecue, this place is famous for its ribs, brisket, and pulled pork. The smoky flavors and hearty portions make it a local favorite​ (Family Destinations Guide)​​ (Restaurantji)​.

  2. Plonk Missoula - This wine bar and restaurant offers a sophisticated menu with excellent tapas and a diverse wine selection. It’s a great spot for a more upscale dining experience​ (Restaurantji)​.

  3. Iron Horse Bar & Grill - A popular spot since 1991, Iron Horse is renowned for its laid-back atmosphere, especially during sports events. Their menu includes a variety of burgers, sandwiches, and hearty entrees like the Griz burger​ (Family Destinations Guide)​.

  4. MacKenzie River Pizza Co. - This pizzeria is celebrated for its extensive selection of creative and traditional pizzas. It’s a perfect choice for pizza lovers looking for a casual dining experience​ (Family Destinations Guide)​.

  5. Tamarack Brewing Co. - Located in downtown Missoula, this brewery offers a fantastic selection of craft beers and a menu featuring standout items like fish tacos and mac & cheese​ (Restaurantji)​.

  6. The Camino - High end Mexican Cuisine and Drinks to impress. The owner knows what he is doing and probably one of the best trained staff in Missoula, MT​.

  7. Sweet Peaks Ice Cream - For dessert, Sweet Peaks is a must-visit for its homemade ice cream with unique flavors, making it a perfect spot to end your meal​ (Family Destinations Guide)​.


  1. The Keep

  2. Boxcar Bistro

  3. Notorious P.I.G. BBQ

  4. Brasserie Porte Rouge

  5. The Patio at Rattlesnake Market

  6. 1889 Steakhouse

YELP (Based off number of Reviews)

  1. Tamarack Brewing Company

  2. The Notorious P.I.G. BBQ

  3. Biga Pizza

  4. Five on Black

  5. Market on Front

  6. Plonk

  7. Paul's Pancakes

  8. Top Hat

Trip Advisor

  1. Biga Pizza

  2. Five on Black

  3. Tamarack Brewing Company

  4. Lolo Creek Steakhouse

  5. Plonk

  6. The Stone of Accord

  7. The Depot

  8. Boxcar Bistro

  9. Edelweiss Bistro (in Bayern)


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